Jun 19, 2013

A Little Love From London

I mentioned in my last post that I'd had eye surgery and was recovering from that... well, would you believe that last week I fell in the train station and bruised my tailbone/strained my neck?! Talk about when it rains it pours... The ER doctor recommended painkillers and rest. All in all, I'm taking it with a smile. Actually, after the initial embarrassment, I did find it funny. Well, that was until my butt started hurting *Giggle*!

Anywho, in all the madness a cousin from London came to visit and brought me my favorites!

I got a box of English tea and syrup waffles. If I could do a backflip... I would. But I can't.

There is hardened syrup in between the waffles. You put the waffle on top of the steaming cup of tea and let it melt... Then enjoy!

What's your comfort food when sick?



  1. i remember someone giving us those waffles but i didnt know you do that! now i know how to properly eat it next time we get them :) sorry bout your fall, feel better n enjoy those goodies!!!

  2. When I'm on the couch I prefer hot chocolate, always :-)

  3. I love English teas too, but my hot chocolate is what I prefer on the couch :)


  4. a cuppa when you're recovering- sounds amazing. x


  5. I hope you're feeling better! Glad you have some treats to help ease the pain ;)

  6. I love international goodies!!! Feel better!


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