Aug 16, 2013

Out And About: Caribbean In New York

OUTFIT DETAILS: Jumpsuit: Forever 21; Kimono: Torrid; Wedges: Torrid; Earrings: Street Vendor;
Necklace: Forever 21

Summer is winding down in NYC which means it is getting cooler! However. in July, most days were unnecessarily hot!

One day, my friend Lisa and I decided that after days of hiding under the A/C, we should venture out into the sun and pick up some vitamin D. We visited a great caribbean/southern restaurant in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. I ordered spicy shrimp, mac and cheese, and candied yams and Lisa picked the jerk chicken, plantains and mac and cheese. Talk about delicious! To beat the heat, I picked mango lemonade and she got the home made fruit punch. By the time we finished, we were in heaven!

How are you enjoying the summer? What's your favorite season/why?



  1. Haha unnecessarily hot! It's always unnecessarily hot here.

    Love your jumpsuit!


  2. Yumm that food looks so good!! You both look super cute!

    Yes those days in July were no joke, I love spring and fall, because it's not too hot or cold. Perfect for outdoors, denim jackets and dresses!

  3. You both look fabulous and the food looks so good.

  4. You look amazing!!! And the food looks bomb too. It just so happens that I'm on a seafood, veggies and fruit only diet right now so I have a little attitude with your food pics lol.

    P.S. I would love for you to participate in my #iAmBeautiful Twitter Chat. Visit my site for more info.

  5. yummm!! i love me some good food.
    And i love the sun.. you should go out more often to enjoy it before its gone.


  6. That food looks so good! Sometimes we have to force ourselves out and end up having a splendid time.

  7. Caribbean food is delicious, and the photos you took are mouth-watering!
    I am currently trying not to say always indoors in spite of the torrid DC summer heat; walks outside when it gets colder in the evening, and not long ago visiting an amusement park with a friend!
    Needless to say, after the heat we get here, the fall is a welcomed change and by far my favourite season!

  8. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  9. summer is my favorite, and i can't believe it's over again :( fall is nice too but darn winter has to follow behind!

    Sparkle & Chic

  10. Looks delicious! <3


  11. There is nothing like some good West Indian food. I so miss it now that I live in Paris. Don't get me started on the Jerk Chicken. There is place at the corner of Flatbush and Clarkson Av. That is my spot. The jerk chicken is to die for. I did enjoyed my summer in New York and my favorite season is fall. Simply because I get to dress better. During the summer season, I am always hot and want to be comfortable so it is hard for me to dress up unless I have to go to an event.


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