May 8, 2014

UPDATE: Where In World Is The City Girl?

Hey lovely blog friends, I've been gone for a month (totally failed my New Year's goal of 4 posts a month), but not without reason! Between being published in an international magazine, meeting one of my idols, participating in a pop-up shop gone wrong (that deserves another post), taking my first solo vacation and working, your City Girl has been doing a lot.

Click read more to find out what magazine and who I met!

If you don't follow me on social media (Twitter, Enerjiee Twitter, instagram or Facebook), you may have missed some exciting news. 

I am in the May issue of Oprah Magazine, wearing Enerjiee (on stands now)! 

Not only did I participate in the shoot, I got to meet Mother, Oprah, herself! Not only did we meet, she loved Enerjiee - her words exactly, "I love your glasses, they are absolutely FABULOUS!" *faints* One of the top 5 best moments of my life, hands down.

Being published in the magazine, and meeting Oprah, was all a blur. I had to take time and reflect on it.
So let me tell you a funny story: two years ago, I was jobless and a recent grad. I hated not doing anything, so I would volunteer at random events. One of the events I volunteered for was Social Media Week in New York. I was stationed at the Hearst Communications building and would show up to the events during the day, doing whatever was asked of me.

On February 15, 2012, as I hung out waiting for a session to end, I saw her. Lady Oprah walking out of an elevator, approaching the escalators that i was sitting near. I was in awe! I wanted to say something, anything, to have a moment of her time, but I was frozen. All I did, as she got on to the escalator, was gasp. Her bodyguard turned around and gave me this look, like little girl please do not make me have to tackle you to the ground.

After watching her get off the escalator and walk out of the building, I started to cry! Now, I know it sounds silly, but all I could think was, "who lets Oprah walk by them and not say anything!?" The tears only lasted a second, but once I snapped out of it, I thought to myself, "her greatness has rubbed off on me and I will meet her one day." I even tweeted/facebooked it.

Fast forward to exactly two years later to the day, the shoot took place in NYC on Valentine's day (Oprah was my Valentine!) That's February 14, 2014. That may seem like a coincidence, but I think it's fate. I honestly felt like I should just burn my bucket list; meeting Oprah was a distant dream on the bottom of that list, but it happened. I talk about putting things out into the universe - this is proof! The power of speaking things into existence is so real. Now, let me say that i'll win the lotto *giggle*

BONUS: Lady O was gracious enough to not only send a gift set of Oprah chai (available in Starbucks and Teavana stores, nationwide), but she autographed my picture in the magazine! This will be framed and hung.

Now that we can see that this works, what will you be speaking into existence?



  1. Wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing! This is an on time read for me.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful! You go girl!

  3. That's what's up! Continue to be blessed, my friend!

    Sid from Sidsaysthatsroxy

  4. This just made my heart skip several beats! You freaking met Oprah, gurrrlll you super famous now! Loll!
    Same way Oprah's greatness rubbed off on u, I'm tapping into that greatness too!

  5. Oh....mah....gosh! Oprah!!!! Eeeeeek! Congrats:) I love Oprah so much, I would've fainted if I met her.

  6. Wow! Congrats! What an amazing experience!

    xo T.

  7. Thank you sooooooooo much for your visit and comment so I could find you.
    So fabulous and inspiring.

  8. Love this!!!

  9. shut the front door girl!!!!!! that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i have to check out my mom's copy of the mag.

  10. Congraz dear

  11. Wow what an amazing story, congratulations on the feature!!!

  12. Wow, that's so amazing and an inspirational story. Congratulations, we're so prod of you and wish you luck in the years ahead. Take care of business girl, and we'll be seeing you!


  13. That all sounds amazing!

  14. See you are having an amazing year...please come back to share the news.

  15. lovely photos and interesting information


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